Lunch Sharing Pack for 4

Lunch Sharing Pack for 4

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The Lunch Sharing Pack for 4 includes a choice of:

2 starters (select from options below):

Sicilian Crostini
Lemon-Pepper Cauliflowers Wings (VG)
Stuffed Cheese Jalapeños (V)
Lamb Croquettes
Bread & Dip (V)
Chunky Tomato Meatballs
Chicken Ribs
Roasted Shrimp
Paprika & Chicken Salt Chips
Zucchini Spades (V)

4 lunch bowls or sandwiches (select from options below):

Salad bowls have a choice of base - Cous cous & mixed peppers, Sesame brown rice, Mixed greens (+$2), Cauliflower rice (+$2)

Tuna Poke Bowl
Ribeye Bowl
Lamb Cutlets Bowl
Cuban Chicken Bowl
Smoked Brisket Bowl
AuberGenie Bowl (V)

Sandwiches have a choice of bread - Rustic white, Rustic rye, Ciabatta, Lebanese pita, Cagel

Cuban Chicken Sandwich
Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich
Smoked Brisket & Pickled Peppers
Burrata on Everything (V)
Tuna Surprise
Steak & Cheese

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